Timaru man jailed for assaults

Jade Boerboem, 37, was sentenced to six months’ imprisonment and issued a first strike.


Jade Boerboem, 37, was sentenced to six months’ imprisonment and issued a first strike.

A Timaru man who indecently assaulted a clerk while intoxicated on gin he stole has been jailed.

Jade Boerboem was on bail awaiting sentencing for the indecent assault when he twice assaulted another woman who had broken up with him.

The 37-year-old was sentenced to six months’ imprisonment and issued a first strike when he appeared before Judge Joanna Maze in the Timaru District Court on Thursday.

He had pleaded guilty to indecently assaulting a woman over 16, shoplifting, and two counts of assaulting a person in a family relationship.

Boerboem consumed a 500ml bottle of Elephant Gin, stolen from Henry’s Timaru on Wai-iti Rd, before stumbling into his first victim’s Morgans Rd workplace and asking for her name, about 6pm on August 14, 2019.

In a summary of facts presented to the court, police prosecutor Toaiva Hitila said Boerboem was slurring his words and reeked of alcohol when he rounded the counter and draped his arm across her lower back.

She stepped away and told him to leave, but he pressed their chests together and forced her against the metal counter.

“His face only centimetres from the complainant’s, he tried to kiss her.

“The complainant asked the defendant to leave several times, to which he finally did.”

Boerboem told police he remembered taking the $82.99 bottle of gin but nothing after that.

He admitted the charge in November and was on bail awaiting sentencing when he attracted more charges.

About 9.30am on April 16, his former girlfriend dropped a bag of his belongings on his doorstop following the break down of their relationship. She was walking away when Boerboem emerged.

Hitila said she told him to “leave her alone” as she got into her car, but he hopped into the passenger seat.

“He grabbed her face with both hands and proceeded to apply pressure to her cheeks. He moved one hand down from her face and held it around her throat.”

She managed to break free and ran to another property “for her own safety”, Hitila said.

“She complained of having a sore face. However, no medical attention was sought.”

Thirteen days later, about 5.45pm, Boerboem went to his former girlfriend’s address and began arguing with her about their relationship ending.

He forced her onto a couch and straddled her, pinning her down.

“With both hands, he gripped her by the collarbones and forced her backwards using substantial force.

“She pleaded to be released. He did and she fled the address.”

Judge Maze said while Boerboem’s former girlfriend did not sustain any injuries, the assaults would have been “emotionally damaging and very frightening”.

The judge granted the woman’s application for a restraining order.

Defence lawyer Kelly Beazley said Boerboem had given her $200 in reparation.

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