SQDC: Montreal will have same-day delivery of legal weed by July

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Montrealers can expect same-day delivery of legal pot by July.

The SQDC has reached an agreement with a delivery company and is in the implementation phase of the plan, which will be tested in Montreal before expanding to the rest of the province during the next six months, according to SQDC president and CEO Jean-François Bergeron.

Current scenarios involve offering customers two cutoff times: for example, order before noon for delivery the same afternoon, or before 5 p.m. for delivery the same evening.

“It will be something like that,” Bergeron said. “We’re willing to adapt our logistics. This is Phase 1, a prototype.”

In doing so, the SQDC hopes to further compete with the black market, which offers delivery times as fast as one hour.

Pricing is another important factor in competing with the black market. The SQDC’s average price point of $7.64 per gram is more than 20 per cent below the national average for the legal market, according to Bergeron.

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