Roberge to announce ‘updated’ back-to-school plan for Quebec

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As the debate over the issue of face masks in schools becomes more urgent, Quebec education minister Jean-François Roberge will on Monday present an “updated” back-to-school plan for the province.

The minister, along with public health director Horacio Arruda and provincial health minister Christian Dubé, will meet with reporters in Montreal on Monday.

Last week, Dubé acknowledged there were “a lot of questions” about schools and promised that a plan without “incoherencies” would be produced.

In June, Roberge unveiled a back to school plan that included “bubbles” of no more than six students working together in order to reduce the possibility of a COVID-19 outbreak. Since then, there have been no other details.

But the minister did make it clear all schools would re-open in the autumn and that unless they were exempted because of a medical condition, all students aged six to 16 would be obliged to return to class.

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