Radio X: Quebec City station has long thrived on controversy

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But what is Radio X, the station at the centre of the controversy?

If you fiddle with the radio dial in Quebec City, you can pick up signals from New England and even New York. Some right-wing, populist stations come through clear enough to make out Democrat-bashing, Trump-loving hosts signalling their displeasure with preventive business shutdowns.

Turn the dial to 98.1, CHOI Radio X, and you’ll hear a similar message: libertarian-leaning hosts with an affinity for populist leaders, including U.S. President Donald Trump, bashing the government and railing against measures designed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Most recently, the station offered its airwaves to conspiracy theorists who insist Bill Gates, and 5G towers, are behind the coronavirus or who subscribe to QAnon, the anonymous online preacher who says Trump is fighting a cabal of satanist pedophiles for control of the United States.

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