Obi Ifedi’s lawyer denies allegations made in memo to council

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The city memo acknowledges the bylaw officer “observed a number of people in the park, including on the basketball court and play structure” as he pulled up to Marlene Catterall Park on Michele Drive.

When Ifedi refused to provide his name, the bylaw officer flagged down two OPS constables who intervened and, as the memo describes, “a foot chase ensued.”

“The bylaw officer sought to assist the police and a scuffle occurred involving the individual and the bylaw officer,” the memo reads. “It was this scuffle and the use of personal force by the By-law Officer against the individual that subsequently resulted in an Ottawa Police investigation, which is the subject of an ongoing labour relations investigation.”

Ifedi was left “shocked and frustrated” when he learned last week that police would not pursue charges, despite the detective on his case concluding the bylaw officer “did commit an assault while you were on the ground by striking you in the face.”

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