My grandmother was robbed by a lady who she sheltered. : TrueCrime

Today I was looking through my late grandmother’s purses and found photos of a mystery woman. I showed them to my mother and she was instantly horrified.

She told me: That woman used to stay in my room since my grandmother was letting her stay in our house. The woman, my grandmother, and my uncle once took a trip to Biloxi, and while they were gambling, the woman said she needed to get something from the car. What should’ve took a few minutes instead took hours and in reality the woman had started driving back to our home state—back to the house. She stole my grandmother’s precious jewelry, money, and even picked the lock on the closet door. My other uncle and his girlfriend, who lived downstairs, were too stoned to realize what was happening.

Even though they had a photo of her, that woman was never of the woman I found

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