Minister Ronald Lamola donates 4,000 face masks to two schools

Justice and correctional services minister Ronald Lamola says the government will not be able to adequately address societal challenges such as gender-based violence and femicide, poverty, crime and unemployment on its own.

Speaking during a visit to the Chris Hani District in the Eastern Cape on Monday, Lamola said the government would work with all stakeholders in the area to improve and deepen service delivery.

“As government, we realised that services are at times not rolled out in line with expectations of our people. We have therefore improved on our planning, resulting in different spheres working together in a co-ordinated approach to make service delivery easier and better,” he said.

The minister’s visit to the area was part of his work as the “district development model champion” for the district.

The district development model is a government programme aimed at improving the coherence and affect of government service delivery, focusing on 44 districts and eight metros about the country.

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