COVID-19: Montrealers know the rules, but want everyone to follow them

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“Basically, they’re telling us not to have any big gatherings, and to stay alone,” she said. “It’s gotten to the red zone, now, so we should just say alone as much as we can. For Thanksgiving, there are no big gatherings, and we should do this for about a month to see if we can slow down the curve.”

Eachus is comfortable with the regulations. The most important thing, she argued, is people’s health.

“I’m ok with all of it,” she said. “I social distance — nobody comes in my house right now; I feel a lot safer that way. That’s how it’s going to stay until things get under control again.”

Michael and Callie Neudorf.
“I don’t find it hard to keep up. What I find hard is trying to make sure the public keeps up with what’s going on,” says Michael Neudorf, with his partner Callie and their baby Riley. Photo by Dave Sidaway /Montreal Gazette

Michael Neudorf, 30, and his partner Callie were out taking a stroll with their newborn baby, Riley.

“I’m aware of everything,” Neudorf said. “I’m keeping up with it. I know we’re in orange, and likely going into red by the end of the day — what that means is nonsensical since they’re changing the rules as they’re going along anyway.

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