COVID-19: Montreal on red alert as of Thursday

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Three regions in Quebec, including the Greater Montreal area, will be placed under the government’s COVID-19 “red” alert status as of Thursday — a decision that affects some 5 million people across the province.

Quebec Premier François Legault made the announcement Monday, calling the situation “critical” while detailing the measures that will be in effect during a one-month partial shutdown in red zones.

“We need to take responsibility and take difficult decisions,” Legault said, noting the increase in cases can only eventually lead to more hospitalizations and deaths.

“Our goal,” the premier added, “is to protect our health system, our schools, and the work of as many workers as possible.”

Under the red status, the highest possible alert level established by the provincial government, people are no longer allowed to receive guests at home, except for those who need a caregiver, babysitter or home maintenance services.

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