Bylaw officer fired for striking man in Michele Park incident

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David Anber, Ifedi’s lawyer, said he would have preferred to see the officer “held accountable” before the courts.

“I would have much rather seen (the officer) keep his job — perhaps after receiving some remedial training — but have to be held accountable within the criminal justice system like any other citizen would be,” said Anber, who added the firing did not address “the lack of action” by Ottawa police.

Ottawa police have said the case “met the criteria” for resolution through the pre-charge diversion process.

Di Monte said during Friday’s news conference that chief of Bylaw and Regulatory Services Roger Chapman would be “communicating our regrets” to Ifedi on Monday.

The tickets issued under the EMCPA, however, are still “in the judicial process right now,” Di Monte said, “and we have no say in that.”

Anber is still challenging his clients’ tickets, he confirmed Friday, though he said one citation may be “nullified” due to a technical error.

“With respect to the second ticket, aside from the fact that Mr. Ifedi did not do what the bylaw officer said he did, there is now the added issue of the bylaw officer being fired,” Anber said.

“This is relevant firstly that the prosecutor needs to determine if there remains a public interest in prosecuting this case. And secondly, even if there is, they may no longer have a realistic chance of convicting my client (even if he was guilty, something we dispute) because excessive force used in an investigation violates the Charter of Rights and can result in charges being stopped that way.

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