Bloodied men with chainsaws arrested after fight near Toronto beach

Two men arrested Sunday in the area of Toronto’s Cherry Beach after a fight menaced a number of passersby with working chainsaws before they were captured by police, an eyewitness says.

A jogger who wishes to remain anonymous told CTV News Toronto she was running in the area of Cherry Street, between the beach and Regata Road on Sunday morning, when she says she saw a young boy on rollerblades dart off of the path in front of her.

She then saw two men about two car lengths in front of her, with blood coating their heads, arms and torsos on the path in front of her, reaching for chainsaws.

She said she then hid in some nearby woods.

A short time later she peeked to find both men approaching her, revving the engines on their chainsaws.

She then ran away and called 911.

Toronto police say they arrived at the scene at 9:49 a.m.

Const. Caroline de Kloet said that two males were involved in a fight with a large group of other people “and suffered injuries.”

They then returned to the scene, carrying “weapons.”

Police arrested both men upon arrival.

Officers took a number of witness statements and gathered video evidence on social media.

The jogger told CTV News Toronto she was able to gather together a number of people who encountered the two men.

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