13 minutes Unsolved Mysteries, solves? : TrueCrime

Unsolved mysteries solve for episode 2. This is my theory.

Starting from that 13 mins. Two eye witnesses said they saw either 2 women or a man and a women outside of her store. I think her husband hired people or lied to family to get them to go get her and bring her home. He needed to have an alibi for this time.

Then Pistol finds out his mom is missing and his step dad locks him out of the house. I think this is because he had her locked inside and holding her hostage. He gives this “theory” in his interview that someone held her and made her their little “play thing” I think that was him, then when he finally killed her, he talks about how someone could have used a wheel barrow, once again such a weirdly specific “idea”.

They had Rob come to the station to give evidence and they don’t ever mention searching the home. I think if they had forced themselves into the home, they would have found her.

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